Riccar Vacuums- The Brand That Excels

Riccar vacuums Myrtle Beach

Riccar is a premium vacuum brand that was established in 1988. They are made exclusively in the United States and are only sold through independent vacuum retailers or on their website. So, you won’t find Riccar in big box stores or online clearance sites. Riccar is owned by the Tacony Corporation, the same corporation that owns the Simplicity and Maytag brands.

Riccar vacuums are known for their excellent suction power and air flow control. The brand excels in cleaning performance by focusing in four key areas:

  • Suction Power
  • Air Flow
  • Carpet Agitation
  • Air Filtration

In 2004, Riccar debuted their patented Tandem Air Technology, a dual motor system that best meets their four key focus areas. They produced the first vacuums in the world to use two distinct cleaning motors. They also offer the longest warranties of any premium vacuum brand at up to eight years on their top models. Let’s look at little deeper at Riccar’s two-motor system.

Clean Air Motor

A majority of the major brands out have a clean air motor where air and dirt particles are sucked in through a filter that captures dirt and dust. Clean air motors are also often called suction motors. Notable brands that use this type of motor include Kenmore, Hoover, Dyson and Electrolux. Clean air motors have the most power when cleaning with attachments. However, they don’t produce as much air flow or agitation when cleaning carpets or rugs.

Direct Air Motor

Direct air motors notably used by brands such as Kirby, Oreck, Sanitaire and some Eureka uprights, work differently. These motors are best at agitating carpet fibers to release trapped dirt and debris. A fan then blows the air and dirt into a bag, which captures dirt and filters air before it is released back into the home. While this type of motor is great for deep cleaning carpets, it has limited filtration capabilities and doesn’t provide good suction for attachments.

Tandem Air Technology

Riccar vacuums leverage the best of both types of motors by including both motors in their Tandem Air vacuums. Tandem air vacuums have both a clean air motor and a direct air motor. This allows Riccar to build vacuums with the following features:

  • Exceptional suction when cleaning with attachments
  • Multi-layer filtration for the cleanest air
  • Deep cleaning performance on carpets and rugs with high air flow and strong agitation
  • Help protect the life of your carpet by removing deep-set dirt and dust

Riccar vacuums are available in four types: canister, upright, specialty and central vacuums. They have 35 models to choose from across these four categories and include lightweight, cordless, handheld and commercial models. They offer five upright models with Tandem Air Technology and nearly all of their upright vacuums have received a Gold Seal of Approval by the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI).

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