SEBO Vacuums: Deep Cleaning Technology

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SEBO was founded in Germany in 1978. Their initial product line was intended for commercial use. SEBO household vacuums came to the United States in 1997 and have quickly become renowned for their exceptional air filtration system, ideal for allergy and asthma sufferers. SEBO vacuums feature a sealed system, S-class filter and three-ply bag on their upright and canister vacuums. You can also upgrade your SEBO with a HEPA filter service box for the absolute best filtration of any vacuum system.

SEBO Technology

SEBO was the first vacuum brand in the world to bring the following technologies together in one machine:

  • Timing-belt-driven brush with clutch protection
  • Electrostatic filter
  • Integrated suction hose on an upright
  • Dust bag that fills from the top
  • S-class filtration
  • Electronically-controlled height adjustment
  • Electronic brush control with safety shut-off
  • Soft bumper on canister models to protect walls and furniture from scuffs
  • Detail wand with telescopic hose

SEBO Deep Cleaning

For deep cleaning carpets, rugs and upholstery, SEBO offers two machines that work with its Duo-P Cleaning Powder to remove spots and stains. The Duo Brush Machine is made for cleaning large areas and the Daisy Brush Machine is made for cleaning small areas, including stairs and vehicles. This unique powder-based cleaning system is dry and avoids potential damage and wear and tear caused by many wet cleaning methods.

SEBO offers 16 models of uprights and canisters, but also a floor polisher, selection of power brush heads and their Duo Brush Machine cleaning system. They offer five models that can clean both carpet and hard floor surfaces. SEBO uprights and canisters are backed by a 7-year motor warranty and a 5-year warranty on parts and labor. SEBO filters are anti-allergy hospital grade and filter greater than 99% of the particulate from the air. SEBO vacuums, parts, bags and accessories are only available through authorized dealers or authorized websites.

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